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The Earth is a unique planet in the whole universe. It is the only planet where life has evolved and where the natural environment is conducive for human habitat. The name Gemistar depicts this uniqueness of the earth as the only planet whose geological processes have been conducive enough to produce gems. Life is the most valuable of all the gems on earth.

Although man is only a part of the many mortal species on earth - with an inevitable destine towards extinction. he has the ability to change some of the fundamental features of the earth that determine longevity and quality of life. In so doing man affects longevity and quality of life not only for the human race but also for all the other inhabitants of the planet earth
Mission Statement

Gemistar’s mission is to provide products and services that contribute to creating a better world, where everyone can appreciate the gift of life. To provide an affordable quality products and professional service, in all ernest and thereby to be of benefit to society and to the environment around us.

To be a company of dedication, honesty, integrity, and service; to be the company of unsurpassed  standard  of  comparison in the areas of:

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